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Long time no see! I’m so, so sorry for the sudden disappearance. Suddenly the last post was October 2016 and here we are now in January 2017. Hope it’s not too late to wish you guys a happy new year! Hopefully we’re given the strength to overcome more of our obstacles in life this year. 😀

Double updates today to make up for my sudden MIA, haha.

Download Miunohri to Swan chapter 37 here,
and Preferably My Prince chapter 14 here.

Thank youuu to Sam, 749, Reika and Rokuro for these chapters! Couldn’t have done it without yall. Sorry to those who I haven’t replied. Things been a little too hectic lately.;;;

Miunohri to Swan reminds me of that sappy drama on TV every evening that makes you so annoyed with the characters but you still watch it anyway, haha. If it were me, I’d have dropped everything and leave it but then again, this series have its own readers that support it no matter what, so I wouldn’t want to let you guys down! So yes, I’ll still be updating this until the end, don’t worry.

As for PmP, we’re still looking for the raws for chapter 5 and so on. If anyone have it, do drop me an email! I was contacted about the raws before but then the communication was suddenly cut off and I’m really… not the type to bother people if I could.

Hope you enjoy these releases and see ya in the next update! Byeom~



Yay for Updates!


Double updates for today.

Download Miunohri to Swan chapter 36 here.
and Preferably My Prince Volume 3 chapter 13 here.
Do tell me if the links don’t work.

Thank you to 749 and Sam and Reika for their help with these chapters as well!

I hope you enjoy these releases. And thank you all for the support!

My cat is currently sick… please wish him well omg. See you in the next update!


new chapter of pmp~



Sorry for the wait.

Download Preferably My Prince chapter 12 here.
And with that, my friends, we’ve finished volume 2. Yeas!!

Thanks to Sam and Reika for helping me with this chapter, huhu. I’m quite busy these days and I had just thought that everything was mundane, but when I qc this chapter last night, it actually made me happy. Usually I don’t have the mood to do things, but weird enough, I’m suddenly motivated haha. Hopefully the next update will have both MtS and PmP.

If anyone’s up to help with me with the cleaning for Miunohri to Swan, give me a holler. Experience preferred since I don’t have much to teach, I’m a noob when it comes to cleaning myself orz.

Thank you all for the support and don’t worry, I will not drop any titles as long as I still could work on it. Have fun reading and see yall in the next post. Byeom~


More new chapters, more yay.


Here are the new chapters for the week.

Download Miunohri to Swan chapter 35 here,
and Preferably My Prince chapter 11 here.
Please do tell me if the links don’t work.

Andd thanks a bunch to the wonderful 749 and Sam for the help with these chapters~

Hmm, I don’t have much to say other than I love Jiseob and probably a lot of people would start loving him now mwahaha. Also, cleaners/editors for Miunohri to Swan are welcome, so please help if you want/could/have the time! ^^

Hope you guys enjoy these chapters and see yall in the next post. Byeom.

new chapters, yay.

Hello, everyone.


We have two updates this week as well, and I would like to thank 749 and Sam (welcome to the team! though we don’t have much to offer…) for their hard work and dedication, that allow us to enjoy these releases.

Miunohri to Swan ch34 is here, and Preferably My Prince ch10 is here.

I’ve noticed the comments of the readers that talk about how frustrating it is to read MtS because… well, there’s so much thing to complain about, haha. I actually agree to some of the complaints, but I think it’s important to note that this manhwa was published like a few years ago and at that time, a lot of ideas and theme weren’t discovered yet and stuff. Also, this adds flare to the manhwa itself, because it’s something you’d love to hate, but still can’t stop reading, heheh. At least that’s what I feel.

As for PmP, no complaints, just wish we have more raws for the recent chapters published and more readers. I mean the characters are all so ?? cute ?? in there ????

Anyways, have a nice week, thanks for reading and enjoy! ❤



New chapters are here~



Double updates today, hopefully everyone’s happy.
Sorry that we take a long time to update even though the chapters sometimes are short.

Miunohri to Swan chapter 33 is here. We’re now in Volume 8, people!
And Preferably My Prince chapter 9 is here.

MtS this week is also brought to you by a collab of FS and the awesome 749!

If there’s any typesetters that’ll like to lend me a hand on PmP then please let me know

Also, I realized that my uploads weren’t approved by Batoto awhile back, so I stopped uploading there. It’s kinda… idk, I’m kinda lazy to post on the forum to say that I’m a scanlator, bla bla. So if you’d like to upload it on Batoto, then say so in the comments and go ahead. 😀

Anyway, enjoy the releases and see you in the next update. Have a nice week ahead. Byeom~


Next chapt of MtS is up!



I am here to bring you the next chapter of Miunohri to Swan.

Download chapter 32 here. Omg, things are happeninggg.
Also, this marks the end of volume 7, yayy.
Next update, moving on to volume 8 and onwards!

Again, editing was done by 749! Thank you so so much!

I’ve started editing Preferably My Prince, but I’m doing it little by little (since it doesn’t get many love sobs) but I’ll try to get it done before the end of the month, or at least next week.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the release and see ya in the next post! Byeom~